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Last Updated June 2020

The Victorian Free Flight Society (V.F.F.S.) is a group of enthusiasts who fly 'free flight' model aircraft for fun, fitness and sport!

Free Flight model aircraft are, as the name suggests, model aircraft which 'fly free' after they have been launched, i.e. not under the direct control of the flier. Free Flight models are designed and adjusted to be inherently stable and self correcting throughout their flight. Flight patterns are controlled by pre flight adjustments and timers that can change the flight mode mid-flight and/or terminate the flight, rather than by continuous remote control.

There are indoor and outdoor variants of 3 basic categories; gliders, rubber driven and motor powered and these can be contest machines, sport fun flyers or scale models. They range in size from 15 cm span and a few grams, to 2 meters span and up to 1kg. All are built and trimmed to fly pre-set flight patterns without any external control.

The sport of free-flight is one with a long history of competition and endeavour, being the earliest form of aeromodelling. It provides a unique blend of construction skills and physical activity, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

It is a rewarding family sport providing outdoor and indoor flying pleasure at moderate expense to suit anyone's budget. To assist newcomers, V.F.F.S. members offer assistance with advice on what to build, materials, sources of supply, construction and trimming.

For more detailed information, try these links:
What exactly are Free Flight Model Aircraft?

An Introductory Guideline to Building and Flying Model Aeroplanes (Marin Aero Club)

Membership & Application Forms

The VFFS has full members (who acquire obligatory MAAA/VMAA membership through the the VFFS) and part members who have current MAAA/VMAA membership through another VMAA affiliated club.

Download an Application For Membership, or an Application For Part Membership.

Fees for the 2020-21 financial year

MAAA fees are $90 and VMAA fees are $54, a total of $144,
but a discount rate of $119 applies to fees paid before July 31st.
The VFFS fee wil be reduced to $6 so that the fee for ordinary members & pensioners will be $150
or $125 if paid before July 31st, while the fee for part members and non-flying members will be $6.

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Communicating with the VFFS

VFFS Meetings

Business and social meetings are held on the first Tuesday each month at the Terminus Hotel
492 Queens parade Nth Fitzroy [Melway Map 30 12E].
(Corner of Brennand St and Queens Parade opposite the North end of Hoddle St)

Visitors are welcome

Those attending may care to dine (from 6.00 pm on) before the meeting proper begins at 8.00 pm.

Contact Details

David Sutherland
Please contact via the Secretary

Sean O'Connor
59 Roseneath Street
Clifton Hill
Victoria, Australia 3068
Phone +61 3 9481 6607

Sean O'Connor
contact as above

'Flypaper' - Newsletter of the V.F.F.S.

Taking out a subscription to 'Flypaper', the Newsletter of the V.F.F.S. is the best way to stay informed on Victorian Free Flight Society news and coming events. It also is a great source of interesting information about Free Flight in Victoria.

A subscription to a paper copy of Flypaper is $20 per annum and the subscription period is July 1st to June 30th. Please make all cheques and money orders out to Victorian Free Flight Society Inc.
A subscription to the electronic version, circulated by email, is free.

Further information is available from the editor Michael Glaister

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Flying Venues

Please refer to the Events Calendar for the dates of indoor and outdoor events.

Indoor Flying and Events

Indoor events are held at the Sandringham Athletic Centre, Thomas St. Hampton [Melway 76 K6], between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, in the indoor court at the end of the car park on Thomas St. (see Notes below).

Spectators are welcome at Sandringham events run by the VFFS.

Sport flying of indoor free flight models, (rubber power or small low power electrics) is welcome at VFFS run competition events provided fliers are mindful of the priority of competition flying and any conditions that may apply.

Models flown by visitors or VFFS sport fliers must comply with constraints or conditions specified by the VFFS and insurance regulations, flying to a maximum of four times unless the model flier is a current financial member of a model aircraft club or special interest group properly affiliated with the MAAA.


  • Model flying at Sandringham is not under the control of the VFFS except for declared days listed in the current VFFS calendar.
    Model fliers must pay the applicable hall fee and both model fliers and visitors must comply with the rules observed by the group and the requirements of the person officiating on the day.

  • Many indoor models are very delicate so you must respect the flying space of any model in flight and remain mindful of where they are before launching your model.

  • No Remote Control, Around The Pole (RTP) or Control Line flying at Sandringham.

Outdoor Flying and Events

Due to the variable nature of Melbourne weather outdoor flying is organised at relatively short notice via an email list. Contact the VFFS secretary for details.

Outdoor Events are held at the VFFS field at Eynesbury, south of Melton, [Melway maps 220 D12 and 226]. The field is off Parwan-Exford Rd and the entrance gate is opposite a property driveway. There is a VFFS lock on the gate. You have missed the gate if you have reached the five-way road junction at the north-west corner of the field.

The field is known locally as 'Meyers Bush' which may be helpful if you ask for directions.

Melway Map 220 A1

The VFFS field is part of Eynesbury Station which is an active pastoral enterprise and there is often stock on the field. Visitors will need to arrange to meet a key holder at the entrance gate to gain access.

The entrance gate must not be left open or unlocked. Do not let in people who are not model aeroplane fliers or bona fide spectators accompanying model aeroplane fliers.

Please observe the following:

  • There may be stock such as horses or cattle in the field;
  • No dogs allowed on the property;
  • Drive on the well defined tracks. There are rocks that can be hidden by the grass;
  • Leave internal gates as you find them; they are few and usually not locked.

Competition events start at 8 am and normally finishes at or before 2.30 pm.

Spectators are welcome at any time at VFFS outdoor events and visiting flyers of free flight models are also welcome but insurance regulations limit flying to a maximum of four times unless the model flier is a current financial member of a model aircraft club or special interest group properly affiliated with the MAAA.

Weather at Eynesbury

See Eynesbury Weather by WillyWeather

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