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Trampled Underground: The Unofficial Recordings of
Led Zeppelin

What's new at Trampled Underground; March 2, 2000:

Welcome to our new, and hopefully permanent home. Sadly, the only way I can keep from moving the site around every time I change ISP plus maintain free access is to go advertiser supported.

Loose Lips Sink Ships!

Trampled Underground has long maintained a very strict don't know policy regarding recommendations for bootleg dealers both in the United States and abroad. Those of you that may from time to time recommend or are considering recommending dealers to e-mail, mailing list, or Usenet acquaintences may want to browse the GrayZone site first.

WARNING! I do not sell the records, CDs, or tapes listed! This is a discography, not a catalog. Most of these items are long out of print or otherwise unavailable, and I have absolutely no information as to where they may be found.

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