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Friday, February 15, 2002
Melissa chose the laundry trough and tap.

The trough is groovy because it's round. This isn't exactly the one we're getting - ours has a bypass for the washing machine to drain into so it's in a square frame. It holds 36L of water. (pictures from http://www.sinkwarehouse.com.au)

The tap is equally funky. It's by FM Mattsson and has a "gooseneck" spout (meaning it's very high)



We will have lots of different tiles.Mostly the same as in the existing bathroom.

The floor will continue to have the heritage-style octagonal tiles with green dots. As well as the border of 10cm matt heritage green tiles, it will have a fancy inner border with a pattern. I don't have a photo of that.

The walls will be the standard brick-shaped 10x20cm tiles in "ultrawhite" (because "white" apparently means "pinky white" in tile-speak). The border pattern is called "Ophelia".

The picture shows the existing floor and wall tiles with the "Ophelia" border tiles and "Fern" coloured capping. My friend Ophelia is still chuckling about hanging on my bathroom wall (she just hopes we don't hang her upside down like in this photo)

Vanity Basin

Wednesday February 20, 2002

Our existing vanity basin can't be re-used, so I want this rather speccy round one instead. It's made by Caroma (but to be honest I don't really care who makes it, I just want a round white basin with a rim)

Fraser wants one with an overflow, so I'll ask Bruce to look into it.


Countertop (laminate)

We have Laminate! It's colour number 958 in the 'Falsi' collection, 'Zodia' finish. It's a very dark green with an almost marble-like pattern (but not fake marble!)


Saturday February 23, 2002

Bruce the Builder and Walter the Plumber managed to convince me that we need a new toilet. I like this one very much.

The Caroma Harmony is made in Australia (always nice) from vitreous china (no plastic). I now know all about toilet words (as opposed to potty mouths). This one is close-coupled, which means that the cistern sits right on top of the pan - there's no need for plastic joins. It's AAA rated for water (6L for a full flush, 3 for a half) and it has a set-out adjustment of 80cms. That's to do with how far out from the wall it sits.

It's available with an outlet (which in toilet terms is an inlet - presumably looking at it from the sewer's perspective) through the floor or through the wall. My toilet humour is having a field day - we need the outlet through the wall. It's called a "P trap".

Scarily, the toilet ties in with my other obsession of the moment. A search for Caroma Harmony on Google gives (on the third results page today) a link to Buffy page. Too bizarre.

And would I have bought a "Spike" toilet if they were available?


Melissa and Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey