...Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey


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Existing house plan:

We're not widening the bathroom at all, just making it deeper so that it will be level with the back of the house.


Hopefully final now plan (Feb 20)

LOL - Here's (yet) another update. The plumber came today and said the shower couldn't go where it was (which is weird because here it is again - we're basically back to plan #1 but with the door rotated (which I don't mind at all, especially given where the power switch is!).

We're losing some bench space and some cupboard space - Bruce was going to put the vanity unit sink in the corner of the cabinet but I decided to sacrifice some cupboard storage for the convenience of having bench space for either laundry or bathroom. I think he's going to angle the corner so it's a bit less abrupt.

If we were loaded, I would ditch our top-loading washing machine and go for a front-loader under the bench, with the laundry trough right by the door. But with all the "extras" money is running out fast, and Fraser doesn't really like front-loaders anyway. Besides, you have to be much more organised than we are! No finding a sock at the last minute.

Plan as at Feb 18-19:

18-Feb: Bruce wanted me to think about ways to put the toilet on the back wall and this is what I came up with (all I did was flip the original plan).

19-Feb He likes this one and thinks it is a go-er. (But now he says he has another idea that he wants to show us as well).


Plan to Feb-18:

This was what the builder suggested.

18/Feb/2001 - Bruce the Builder advises he can't move the toilet to this place after all. Something to do with the Angles for draining. You don't play games with toilets.


Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey