...Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey

The pre-renovation pictures

Trees and back of houseon its side until i rotate it ... more trees and back of houseBack of the house. The bit to the left is where the bathroom is. This renovation will make the back of the house level.

The crappy shacky looking thing is the hot water service. The gully trap is behind it. Most of the garden there will go.

bath, showing shower fitting, tile height, window and some floor tilescomplete tippy bath looking like The Little Tugboat. Clearly shows planks holding bath out of ground.
That'd be a toilet.Look at all that messy laundry, Washing machine, trough and wall.
looking in from near the doorwayFrom just outside the door. All the clutter on the vanity unit is me trying to pack things up to be accessible while the bathroom isn't.

Melissa and Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey