...Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey

Day 42: Sunday, March 31, 2002


view from the doorway -- just after tiling finished

the bath -- just after tiling finished

view from the bath. teatowels cover the late additions (we ran out of tiles with about half a metre to go). Babysitter and child had to avoid stepping on the teatowels.

Close up of bath. Tiles are still all chalky with grout. Each one needs to be polished with a soft cloth and then wiped with a mixture of water and vinegar (joy)

Claudia had fun helping me do this


Bathroom from doorway. Many walll tiles wiped, not many floor ones. Washing machine is still way out from the doorway as there's a bit of floor underneath it that needs to be fixed.

Shower screen is still 2 weeks away so you can admire my daughter's pyjamas as they dry inside :-)

We're determined NOT to use the shower until the screen actually arrives
(we know what damage water can do!)


The mirror is going on the big bit of blue wall. That's next week some time.

Standing in the tub to give full effect of vanity unit.