...Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey

Day 9: Wednesday, February 27, 2002

We have a tap now! And *real* drainage! Saints be praised :-)

Drainage from the kitchen, all filled in now. Not much garden left but they couldn't really help that I guess :-/

They used this wooden bathmat to wheel their wheelbarrow across. There were lots of old weatherboards they could have used. This has come to pieces - nails sticking out of it.

It's a shame, as Fraser used this the day he was showing Claudia how to use a magnifying glass to burn things (now I've written that, it sounds like an eevil thing to show a 3-year-old!)

Date record.
More veggie garden *sniff*
All the finishing is done now - boards, guttering etc. (must check whether that OJ bottle is still there though!)
Side view. *Still* no HWS *sniff*
This will be the shower drain
bath drain
Not sure why that board is there
Pipes for Washing Machine stops
Temporary Toilet (on outdoor table!)