...Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey

Day 8: Tuesday, February 26, 2002

It *was* an oven once.

Takeaway for us for a while :-)

Oven cavity. Wow - exciting stuff!
Cord in place for Hot Water System controller (this will be the one for the kitchen - we wanted it closer to the sink but the cord wouldn't reach. Mark the Electrician said he could patch it but it wouldn't be as reliable.

Inside the bathroom. I think the post will be part of the spa case, maybe.

The flooring is supported on our rubbish bin at this end, and on Fraser's weird 1970s white plastic thing on the other (yes that is the technical term for it)

The white thing in the middle is the power cables for the light and the exhaust fan. There are now power cables running through the wall as well.
Big Puddle of Water. It rained a lot Monday night.
Pipes for the toilet (one day we will have a toilet)
The loopy thing to the right of the window is the cord for the HWS controller for the bathroom.
There's a powerpoint going in about halfway up the wall in the corner. For radio & hairdryer :-)
Mess of pipes'n'cables. The cables for the kitchen HWS controller go through the wall here. There's also a double power point, and the switches for the bathroom are outside the wall here. And of course you can see the stops for the washing machine taps and the laundry basin tap.
More mess o'cables and pipes. And a big brick thing under the floor. Maybe an old hearth or maybe what they used for stumps. I suspect I don't want to know :-)
Outside the kitchen. The Builders will fill in the drain for us. My erstwhile veggie garden is in the foreground.
Drainage outside the bathroom. We won't have a gully trap per se but we've got a tap and a vent.
Side wall. Still no HWS but now there are cables for the power (as well as gas pipes)
Back yard. A great place for Claudi to play right now :-)
The dining room ceiling rose (like the one that was in the bathroom). I need to try and get the same one, if I can track it down (all the roses here look the same)