...Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey

Day 7: Monday, February 25, 2002

Once it was a nice backyard :-)

Fraser took the photos today but hopefully I can tell why!

Trench for new piping for kitchen
old piping :-)
a ladder? I think this is a shot to show the gas meter and some copper piping sticking out of the side wall in the foreground
New guttering
house avec guttering

Pipes coming out the back of the kitchen and draining onto the vegie garden.

I get around to planting a really good vegie garden about once every 4 years. Each time (OK this is twice) we have to do major building works and the builders destroy the vegie garden. Fraser commented today that we can't actually afford for me to plant another vegie garden!

Behind the kitchen. Looks like Claudi is at the sink.
Along the back of the house. Puff-Tinkerbell is confused (yes that really *is* our cat's name)
Inside now. There are many pipes under the floor. You can see where I wrapped all the power outlets in Glad Wrap to keep them dry before the roof was on.
Looking towards the back wall. You can see Toilet!Plumbing in the centre , with the vanity basin plumbing slightly to the left.
wall to kitchen (behind the door). From left to right - washing machine stops and laundry sink piping
laundry sink piping and toilet (the toilet won't be in this position, they've just kindly left it there for us until the new one arrives & can be plumbed in)

This is the back wall - another view of vanity basin and toilet plumbing.

I think I'll put the electronic controller for the hot water service to the right of the window,

Side wall. You can just see the shower piping. The hot water service is on the other side of this wall.
Close-up of washing machine and vanity basin piping. They're meant to be reinforcing the wall here too, so they can wall-mount the tumble dryer for us, as well as leaving us room to wall-mount a set of cupboards later on.
Various shots of under-floor piping etc follow.
Intriguing vanity unit stops. At least I think that's what they are.
washing machine stops
shower stops
floor under where the shower will be
More demolished!veggie!garden