...Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey

Day 6: Saturday, February 23, 2002

The toilet was reconnected for us on Friday, as a temporary thing for the weekend. It's very primitive - flush with a bucket - and there isn't really much floor - but we *are* duly grateful!

Our "Lock Up Stage" bathroom.

Someone asked me today what lock-up stage means. Basically it's the point where you have walls and a roof so your insurance company can't claim that anyone could have had access to your house and refuse to insure you. A very important stage in the building process, you'll agree.

Views of other corners of the room below.

A closer look at the sub-floor area. The builders had to dig it out for the plumber. I was told that "if it was a bigger site we would have brought in a bobcat" - but they could get a little one in through the garage door and carport, and if they'd asked we'd have said it was fine to take down part of the back fence to bring one in for the excavations. I think the truth is that they just didn't think of it until it was too late.
View through the bathroom door. Compare this picture to Day 1, Day 2, Original room.
The trough they dug for the plumbing (looking out the back door)
Back of house. They've undercoated the new bit as well.

Puffy is less than 100% confident about these developments
The bath is still out in the weather
I wonder where we will find someone to buy this stuff
More drain.
Under the eaves
I just like this photo. It feels almost surreal to me.
Gas meter and side of house (newer area at front & painted lighter colour)
The temporary drain for the kitchen (it just empties onto my garden - does pouring boiling water on tomatoes grow ketchup?