...Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey

Day 3: Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Back of the house. They've used the new roofing to cover up for the rain.

Hole where the Gully Trap will go.

We don't envy them having to dig down here - Brunswick dirt is notoriously clay-like and this seems particularly bad. I also notice that it stinks, and that it sticks to shoes when walked in (memo to self: do not wear work shoes into back garden)

Claudia and the chaos that is our carport.

And she still tells us every night, "I want to park in my garage".

Back lawn. Yes it is the same washing. It got an extra rinse cycle today so will be there for a few I suspect.

Remains of the Bathroom

The rose is Lamarque. I'm glad it hasn't been squashed.

They rigged up a temporary gutter to stop the site flooding.
Closeup of the orange juice gutter. It worked well. Bruce the Builder was apologetic but I told him I was impressed by his ingenuity. I think he thinks we are insane.
Looking through the frame.

We're not entirely sure why that beam is muddy, but we assume it's from lying on the back lawn.

There's not going to be much lawn left after we finish this job!