...Melissa & Fraser's Bathroom Odyssey

Day 2: Tuesday, February 19, 2002

The toilet. Apparently it survived being removed from the floor.
Claudia peering into the site
Closeup of the holes into the living room wall
Carport (AKA Storage Yard)

Rest of Garden (AKA Storage Yard)

At least it's looking less messy now the tiles etc are out of the way.

And again...

View back towards the house.

Kitchen on the left (behind carport posts)

She's so cute :-)
The rubbish that they've chucked into the vacant lot

Close-up on the plasterboard date.

(As I said yesterday, we bought the house on June 12 1996)

(For US friends - this is Aussie date format
ie 8th March 1996 not August 3rd)

More view of carport.

You can see the new bathroom window there as well.

View looking in through the bathroom door.

I'm glad they've removed the window frame, it was looking pretty ooky.

More of the floor - well, the future floor

How interesting is it to look at dirt?

You can see one of the concrete stumps over near the wall to the right, about 1/4 of the way down the image.

Trying to get a photo under the house here - the rest of the house is on a concrete slab which you can just see here.