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This page was created on 24 July 1998
Updated 7 May 2012
(And not before time!)

On this page you will find the answer to that FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) "What are you working on now, Lenore?"

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Working title

  The Victorian Tailoresses' Strike, 1882-83
 This is an account of the Tailoresses' Strike, which occurred in Melbourne in 1882-83.  The strike was notable for many reasons - it was the first strike co-ordinated by the Melbourne Trades Hall Council;  it was the first strike in Australia of a women's union;  it was supported by the general public;  it was led by women;  and they won their case - in the short term.  An intriguing story of girl power.
Note:  Tailoresses had a distinct occupation - tailoring men's and youth's clothing.  They were not dressmakers, and dressmakers were not tailoresses.

Working title 

Index to the Victorian Tailoresses' Union Membership Roll and Strike Book, 1882-1885??
The Membership Roll contains such details as the full name, home address, address of employer, branch of tailoring, whether or not on strike when joined the union.  Women on strike came into Trades Hall each Saturday and signed for strike pay, so the Strike Book indicates when and how long each woman was on strike.