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This page created 26 November 1998
    Updated 26 Oct  2006

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Now that you know the name of the ship on which your ancestor arrived (be it Convict or Emigrant) you will want to know more about the voyage itself.  By tracking down the Surgeon's Journal for my Convict Maid ancestor, I was thrilled to discover that the whole shipload of women had suffered from severe constipation!    The Surgeon's efforts at remedying this situations were edifying, to say the least.

Now that I've convinced you that you MUST discover more about your ancestor's voyage, here is what you should do....


Track down a copy of Ian Nicholson's Log of Logs: a catalogue of Logs, Journals, Shipboard Diaries, Letters, and all forms of Voyage Narratives, 1788 to 1988 for Australia and new Zealand and Surrounding Oceans.   This was published in Nambour, Qld by Ian Nicholson and the Australian Association for Maritime History.  The first volume was published in 1990, and the second volume, which has extended the date range to 1788 to 1993, was published in 1993, and the third volume has just been published in 1999.

"The title is self-explanatory.  The location of each of the items is given.  Some items located overseas have been microfilmed for the AJCP*, and thus may be accessed in Australia.  The items listed include newspaper accounts of voyages, published volumes, manuscripts, ships' newspapers, surgeons journals and passengers' diaries or letters.  The book includes an index of log-keepers and authors of personal narratives.  Nicholson suggests consulting newspapers for the date of arrival for a possible account of the voyage." [Extract from Searching for Mary Anne:  researching Women Ancestors in Australia , by Lenore Frost ]

You need to consult three volumes, as some ships' voyages in Volume I may have further references in Volumes 2 and 3.

Please note that this book DOES NOT contain passenger lists, it only tells you the whereabouts of logs, journals and other accounts of ships' voyages.

The books are published under the imprint of  the Roebuck Society, 42 Araba St., Aranda, A.C.T., 2614, and they may be contacted for copies.

  Index of Ships' Captains from "Log of Logs", compiled by Jenny Fawcett

* AJCP    Australian Joint Copying Project

"In 1945 an agreement was signed between the Commonwealth National Library and the Public Library of New South Wales that the two libraries jointly microfilm material held in the Public Record Office, London, relating to Australia.  This agreement later expanded to include other manuscript material held in Britain and Europe, with the geographical scope expanded to include New Zealand, the pacific region, most of South East Asia, and Antarctica.

The bulk of the records copied are from the Colonial Office, but the Admiralty, Home Office, War Office, Foreign Office, Privy Council, Treasury, Exchequer, Audit and Board of Trade also held relevant material.  A volume called Miscellaneous contains a variety of non-government sources, such as missionary societies, papers in private hands and county record offices, National Library of Scotland, British Museum, Guildhall Library and the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

The microfilm can be accessed by a Guide, published in several volumes.  For the most part these are unindexed, though Part 8 Miscellaneous has indexed the titles of the papers, such as Van Diemen's Land Company, West Sussex Record Office, and the South Staffordshire Regiment, and Part 9 Personal Collections has indexed the papers, such as Carnarvon Papers, 1858-1885, and Pitt Papers 1766-1808.

It is definitely worth familiarising yourself with the contents of this microfilm collection.  There is a great deal of material relating to Convicts.  For example, in Part 3 Home Office there are Criminal Registers, Correspondence and Warrants, convicts transported, Tasmanian Muster of Convicts, Tasmanian Pardons, prisoners in gaols, quarterly list in prisons and on hulks.  In Part 4 War Office there are muster books and pay lists and monthly returns of the military establishment.  In Part 7 Admiralty there are medical journals, Captain's letters and log books.

Board of Trade records contain such things as Registers of certificates of competency of Masters and Mates: Colonial Trade, the Colonial Office contains the records of the Colonial Land and Emigration Board, and a register of births and deaths at sea from 1847 to 1854, indexed by ship.

Getting access to the AJCP might save you a great deal of money you might otherwise pay to a London-based researcher, so do have a look at the guide and see how you might be able to benefit by it." [Extract from Searching for Mary Ann:  researching women ancestors in Australia, by Lenore Frost]

Australian Joint Copying Project (National Library of Australia webpage)


The Long Farewell: the Perilous Voyages of Settlers Under Sail in the Great Migrations to Australia, by Don Charlwood, Ringwood, Vic, 1981.

"Charlwood gives a definitive account of the trials of emigration, from the leaving of the old home and arrival at the Emigration Depot, to landfall in Australia.  Charlwood has used eye-witness accounts drawn from diaries and letters to give us a fuller understanding of the drama of nineteenth century emigration". [Extract from Searching for Mary Ann:  researching women ancestors in Australia, by Lenore Frost]

Australian National  Maritime Museum
State Library of Victoria's Picture Collection
(Pictures of Ships  in the Australian Trade (ANMM))
Bremerhaven Maritime  Museum
Greenwich National  Maritime Museum  
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Ships' Images  
Magellan  - The Ships' Encyclopaedia  (Link updated)
Maritime Museums in Britain and Ireland 
Memorial University  of Newfoundland Maritime History Archive
National  Maritime Museum of New Zealand  (link updated)
Ship's Picture  Research Service - Nick Vine Hall's webpage
Picture Australia National Library of Australia
Royal  Navy - a Photographic A-Z of British Naval Warships
"Ships' Pictures Index, 1491-1991:  an index to ships' pictures in print" compiled by Nick Vine Hall, published 1995, 3 microfiche set.

Ships' Passenger Lists
Ancestor Search  - Australian Passenger Lists 
AUSNZ Passenger Lists  (link updated - again!)
Assisted Immigrant Indexes  (follow the links)
[Port Phillip, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane]
Australian Immigrant Ships (mainly NSW)
Convictions - Australian Shipping 1788-1967
Donegal Relief Fund - Passenger Lists Arrived Sydney, 1859-1862
Immigrant Ships Transcribers' Guild
Links to Records of Immigration to Australia and New Zealand
Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters, from 1873 
New South Wales Unassisted Passengers Index, 1842-1855  
New Zealand Bound
Passenger Ships Arriving in Australasian Ports 
Shipping - Jenny Brandis' links
Ships Indexes and Records Online     (Jenny Fawcett) 
Olive Tree Genealogy - Ships Passenger Lists (includes Convict Ships)
The Ships List

Lloyd's Register of Shipping
Go to this site for a description of Lloyd's  Archival holdings

Convicts & Convict Ships Links
Claim a Convict (NSW)
Convict Ships to Australia
Convictions - Australian Shipping 1788-1967
Descendants of Convicts Group 
First Fleet Online Database 
Genseek Convicts Australia (by Jenny Fawcett)
Index to Certificates of Freedom 1823-69 (follow the links)
Indexes of Tasmanian Convicts (Permission to Marry, VDL)
Irish Convicts to Australia 1791-1820
Irish Convicts Transported to Australia  
South Australian Transported Convicts   
Tasmanian Convicts
Tasmanian Convict List
Tickets of exemption from Government Labour, 1827-1832, NSW (follow the links)
Women convicts 1798

Other Interesting Sites
Ships - Macquarie Uni site giving histories of ships [Aus]
Australian Association of Maritime History
Maritime History and Naval Heritage Website [UK]
Mariners   [UK]
Ships Links by Roger Sando [AUS] 

                                Ships' Crew and Captains
Cora Num's Shipping page - Ships' Crew, etc. [Aus]
Crew List Index Project
(British crews from 1861 to 1913)
Index of Ships' Captains from "Log of Logs"
, by Jenny Fawcett
Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters

Mariners and Seamen
  page by Jenny Fawcett 
Maritime History Archive
Index of Ships' Captains from "Log of Logs"
  by Jenny Fawcett  
Register of Seamen's Services
, UK 
Search for Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters

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