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Welcome to Caricaturing - in the mode of kindness
  Caricaturing NOW...
  Gift Caricatures for every occasion......
  or Event or Onsite Caricatures at your party,
  wedding, fund raiser, work event, promotion etc.
     Caricaturing Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba,
South East Queensland and beyond.......

FaceBook (or other) Profile Pics
 Be the first among your friends
to individualize your social networking with an interest-focussed caricature.
   Total online service!

      Pre Christmas Work-Party SPECIAL*
  Sept 2014 - Book for a November Christmas party
   and obtain an Onsite Caricature Booking at 20% off normal rate
    * Not available with any other offer. Ask for a quote and then ask for 20% off obtain this SPECIAL, click  here during September 2011  

The Kind Caricaturist at work

  Prices start from as low as $20 for Studio Visit Caricatures                      
   A Caricature is a fun way to....
       - celebrate an anniversary
             - acknowledge achievements
               - express best wishes
                 - mark a special event
                     - add life to a party
                         - promote your business
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