DST (Diagnostic Scan Tool) & EDITOR package

to Scan and Tune the Delco ECMs , PCMs


Dicks Electronics is for the first time making available our complete Editor Scanner tuning package to workshops and serious tuners. This is a tuning package for the full Delco range of Australian GM vehicles.

Would you like to Scan and tune your Holden (DELCO) Powered Vehicle? Now you can with your existing DELCO ECM/PCM. This tuning tool package is now offered to the Australian Market for the first time. Display and analyze logged data by means of graphs and observe details to easily customize your Delco for more performance and efficiency. With new technology, engine tuning tools are taking ALL the guess work out of getting the very best performance from a combustion engine.

Dicks Electronics originally developed this tuning package to meet the needs of our tuning business as there was no tuning tool available at that stage for the Delco ecm. With the power of the Delco engine management computer it was vital that resources were allocated for research and development to create a more powerful tuning tool to cater for this new advancement in technology.

The DST and Delco Editor have taken us over ten years to develop to satisfy our own tuning needs. As a tuner, this package was developed with specific needs and controls to serve the tuning process not the tuning process serve the tuning software. We are now making these tools available for any serious tuner knowing it has features that no one else can offer.


Price for DST $1000

What does this give you:


1 x DST interface box

1 x OBDII communications cable

1 x 4 pin Universal communications cable

1 x 9 pin Serial cable (Not shown in picture above)

Installation Software

User's Manual


Price for DST combined with Delco Editor $5000

What does this give you

1 x DST

20 x Individual editors that cover ALL std factory Bins (binary memcal files) Starting with the VL

Walkinshaw (Delco 808 ECM) through to VT series I V6 and V8 Commodores.

Full list for members only here.



13 x Editors that cater for many ECM and PCMs that you wish to tune with a 2 or 3 Bar Map sensor.

Editors that tune with high speed (8192 baud) logging on early VN VP.

A 4 cylinder VR based (8192 baud) program for Turbo or Supercharged engines.

"PATCHIT" A Windows based program that easily adds a patch of code to a specific bin file so Wide

band A/F Ratios can be logged by the DST. This is the only software program that we know of that can

do this to GM's bin files.






DST Logs (Diagnostic Scan Tool)


Current Vehicles Supported

Contact Information



1)   Uses an unused A/D input (on ECM/PCM plug) for Uego wide band sensor input.  Scale A/F and Lamba.

2)   Caters for accurate 1, 2, and  3 BAR map sensors in both DST and Editor.

3)   Spectrograph for fuel and spark knock with easy and instant diagnosis.

4)   Two separate display pages show 30 fields on each page.  (Fields are RPM, MAP, WB-AFR etc.)

5)   Calculates injector duty cycle instantly and displays it as one of the 60 fields.

6)   "VISUAL ALERT" Any field that is abnormal (Fault condition) will instantly change text from
        WHITE to RED.  An example of this would be if the field "Battery Voltage" fell below 12 volts while
        the engine was over 1500 RPM it's text will turn red "Battery Voltage" instantly letting you know
        of a probable fault.

7)   "AUDIO ALERT"  We have two separate pages each of 30 fields so when a fault condition  is detected
        a different audio tone is heard from the laptops speaker depending on which page the faulty field is
        positioned on. An example of this would be if the "Oxygen Sensor Voltage" field  was positioned on the
        first page and a lean condition occured while engine  was under load, immediately the field would change
        to red and at the same time a lower audio tone would be heard. If the "Knock Retard"field was
        positioned on the second page and the knock sensor was activated we would get a higher tone. This
        means that when we are scanning and driving the vehicle at the same time we dont need to watch the
        laptop. We know when the engine is knocking by the higher audio tone heard.

8)   Calculates horsepower/Kilowatts and displays as one of the fields.  Now you will see and measure
        the effects as you customise your memcal for more power.

9)    The DST uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) for quick and easy diagnosis.

10)  Scan tool compatible with 160 baud GM vehicles.



This log shows the "4 cylinder Sunbird Turbo Program" running on a Toyota 1.8 Litre Turbo 3TGTE engine fitted in a Toyota Corolla 1971 body. Engine is at idle in closed loop mode.

ECM 1227749. GM standard ALDL stream 11- 12 fps (frames per second).


 This log is from a Delco equipped supercharged Porsche 911. Horsepower reading of 222
is calculated at rear wheels with an Air / Fuel ratio of 12.8:1. This is a little bit lean but can easly
be corrected with the Delco Editor.


This I hope is self explanatory. A V8 poorly programmed by a so called expert. Lean spots at approx  4400 RPM at near full load.


 This shows the same V8 and clearly displays where the problems are.

The red area is an indication of this engine running lean under load and can easily be seen in the log. This is a feature that has been programmed into the DST to highlight dangerous conditions. ALDL 11 - 12 fps.





         JE Camira

         Nissan Pulsar (Earlier Models)

         VL Walkinshaw

         VN,VP,VR,VS,VT,VX Commodores

         Holden Jackaroo


         C.O.M.E Chip Packages

         4 Cylinder Turbo/Supercharged

         Some US Models

         Syclone / Typhoon




Contact Information

Richard and Andrew Wakeling.

E-MAIL: Dick@dickselectronics.com

Office phone +61 2 9543 5544 (Sydney, Australia)

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