Mame Table News
 I am extremely happy with MaLa FE. I have also purchased the MaLa Hardware to enable me to have LEDS and a LCD display (Refer Hardware Section).

The FE software writer is based in Germany. To encourage development and support I volunteered to write some directions in English to assemble and install the MaLa hardware.


Changes made in the last two years:

- Changed Front End to MaLa (with Built in MP3 Juke Box)
- It now runs on Windows XP Pro
- Windows start-up is a lot Sexier because I have added Custom Boot Screens (refer Software Section)

- News Motherboard/Processor (refer Hardware Section)
- Wireless Networking Card installed
- Added external LEDS
- Light in Cabinet
- Temperature Gauges
- Mounted Proper Car Speakers on either side
- Added extra extraction fans on Player 2 side
- External Keyboard plug installed
- Wheels with brake mounted on the feet to make it easier to move


* Put power-board inside the machine (much more tidy)

* Put external network plug on the machine. This has a network activity light. This light is basically taped of the LED on the network card. This avoids me having to open up the table when there are network problems.

* Mounted the speakers under the machine. Sound is now less muffled.

* Removed tinted Perspex from the table top. Screen is now much brighter and clearer. The only downside to this is you can clearly see that it is a PC monitor.

* Not much more left to do now except possibly:
    - Install a suitable MP3 Jukebox prog . I have not found one yet that works vertically.
    - Improve monitor mounting. It currently shifts a little when the table is moved
   - Install external Keyboard plugs. This would make Internet Access/ Maintenance much easier.

Software Change:
Decided to Change OS
back to Win 2000.
OS is much more stable. Also it  will now Shutdown with a touch from the PC case Powers switch. This is very Handy as I don't have to Quit Game Launcher then Shutdown Windows (A Process that would involve pulling the Keyboard Out)
  Acquired a small keyboard with a Trackball built in  (Very Nice)
Software Change:
Decided to Change OS to Windows 98 (In Windows Mode).
This was to Enable me to Play Duke Nukem 3D on the Mame Table.

I decided to Change My Set-up to Windows 2000
 & Game Launcher Mame Front End....
A) I found that using Win 2000 I was able to take full advantage of the Hardware I have...DOS has very basic drivers, especially for the newer Sound Cards.
Mame seems to run a lot faster (figure that out ????)

It was still cooking~  a bit so .....I Added another fan on the Motherboard side
  Got a new piece of glass for my birthday. The original one was very scratched
  Added a second Joystick and mouse to the player 1 side to enable me to play 1943 etc
   Added internal Speakers/ Amplifier and a Large fan driven by a temperature sensitive switch
  Mame table is at a state where you can actually play a game. However a Keyboard and Mouse is required to launch a game, and there are major Sound and ventilation issues.
  2nd Hand Cocktail table purchased without Monitor or Mother board. The old transformer and speakers, fan etc were thrown out. The only original component is the Coin Mechanism & Joysticks. I painted the inside white to freshen it up a bit. It also enabled me to see how much dust/dirt would build up in there.
I purchased a Second hand Dell monitor and and I- Pac .