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HVAC Software by Aerial Ventilation.© Ductuputer duct sizing calculators for Palm and Windows.Easy to use,just enter any two known factors,to calculate--Air Volume, Velocity,Friction Loss and Duct sizes.

Ductuputer for Windows

Duct sizing calculator,find air volume,velocity,friction loss and duct size,by entering any two factors. Replaces cardboard duct calculators.Easy to use.

Metric and Imperial units, Conversion calculator and Velocity charts .

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Imperial Units form with Converter Calculator.

HVAC Units

Windows Duct Price Calculator: Freeware
Overture Search the Web.

Advanced Duct sizing Calculator for Palm OS

:Color or Grayscale

:Enter any two factors to calc remaining

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DuctCalc© for Palm
DuctCalc running on a Sony Clie



























































































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